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I know you can't get the starters with their HAs right now, but are there others? And please don't include ones that don't actually have HAs like Wimpod. Thanks in advance.

The fossils don't have their hidden abilities even tho the dex says they have a hidden ability.
There are no Gen 7 Fossil Pokemon.

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So far, there's:

  • The Rowlet Family
  • The Litten Family
  • The Popplio Family
  • Oranguru & Passimian
  • The Tapus

That's pretty much all of them... Hope I could help!

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Why not Oranguru/Passimian? Can they not be SOS chained?
No; for some reason, when they call for help, only Trumbeak will show up.
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Apart from the starters, the only Pokemon that do not yet have access to their Hidden Abilities are Oranguru, Passimian and the Tapu Legendaries.

Hope I helped. :)
Source and some Microsoft Excel