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Ok how hard will it be for me to get the hidden ability Slush Rush for Sandshrew if I have 10 eggs (I'm doing a test with 10 eggs to see if 1/10 (more than or none) if it has the ability I'm looking for.
Btw I'm only starting to breed for natures, abilities, and etc...
P.s. can you join is with me to see if my test will work.

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Does one of the parents already have Slush Rush?

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HAs Don't Randomly Generate
One parent must already have the ability to pass it on
Females pass their ability at a rate of 60%
Males pass on at 20%

Source: Experience
Breeding Mechanics

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I don't know if this will be a perfect answer, but it is a solution and goes off of the information made by the other commenter. You could find an Alolan Sandshrew, and then go through SOS battles. The higher SOSs, the higher chance of hidden ability! For a Level 1 hidden ability, just breed the SOSed one for a new one.