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I started breeding Cleffa about two days ago and I still haven't get Cleffa / Clafairy / Clefable with its Hidden Ability.
Do I need have to catch more or breed with other Pokemon that with hidden ability or just keep breeding it until have one?

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What game is this?
In most, if not all games, I believe that you need the parent to have an HA if you want to the child to have one.  Even if you bred for 50 days, you would need an HA parent to get a new Pokémon with an HA from an egg.
Yeah, I was more asking for the method of catching an HA Pokemon. Like gen 7 has SOS battles as the method, but gen 8 doesn't. So in case the OP wanted a way to catch an HA Pokemon, I figured the game he/she was talking about would help.
Oh yeah, i completely agree - I wasn’t trying to contradict what you were saying at all lol, sorry if it came out that way.  I was just generally saying that, and the start of it probably made it seem like I was disagreeing with you in some way.  I was just trying to supply some information, sorry about the confusion :P
Oh, that makes sense. My bad, sorry!
Don't raid battles have a chance of having HA pokemon?

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You can’t get an HA Pokemon from breeding unless you are breeding an HA Pokemon.
So if you want an HA cleffa/clefairy/clefable, you will need to find one. If you are playing SM/USUM, you have to S.O.S chain a cleffa, and called Pokémon can have HA(up to a 15% chance after a chain of 31), if you are playing sword/shield you will have to beat a cleffa/clefairy/clefable Raid and hope it has HA. You can also transfer a Pokémon up from Red/blue/yellow/gold/silver/crystal virtual console to X and Y, ORAS, or SM/USUM and it will have HA. Pokémon in hordes and from friend safari can be HA. All Pokémon in Hidden Grotoes and dream world will have HAs. Some HA Pokémon are distributed during events. Some In-game Pokémon such as the darmanitan at the battle resort in black and white will have HA.

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