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I know that the ability isn't legitimately obtainable, but I am curious. Would it retain its original hidden ability, or does the shift force it to change?
Furthermore, does Pokemon Bank even accept Shadow Tag Chandelure, or does it prevent you from storing it when it's been hacked, even to something that's technically (somewhat) legitimate? I don't have Pokemon Bank, so I don't know what kind of hack prevention there is.


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Yes, since the Chandelure would be coded with a Hidden Ability spot and S/M/US/UM has Infiltrator in that spot, its Ability would change to match that spot. :P

However, it is impossible to get a Chandelure with Shadow Tag in gen 5 (as you stated) due to it not being released; so, Pokémon Bank would probably block it for having an unavailable ability, and thus preventing you from transferring the Chandelure. :P


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