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Wynaut @None
Ability - Shadow Tag
Moves - Splash

Wobbuffett @None
Ability - Shadow Tag
Moves - Splash


Wynaut @None
Ability - Shadow Tag
Moves - Splash

Salamence @None
Ability - Moxie
Moves - Dragon Dance

Will I be able to switch?

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I couldn't remember what Salamence's ability was so I made it Slow Start. You're welcome.  
I will test this if no one else is bothered to.
Hm, this is a very odd question :/ I'll do some research, and maybe a quick double battle with a friend to see what we get.

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In Double Battles and Triple Battles, Shadow Tag does not affect the partner Pokémon.

Gen IV - Shadow Tag now makes the Pokémon immune to the effects of other Pokémon's Shadow Tag.

The 2 Wynauts and the Wobbuffett would able to switch according to above, and Salamence would not escape.

Hope this helps.

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