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I was thinking...

Item: Left Overs
EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Spd, 6 Def
Nature: Timid (+Speed -Attack)
Ability: Shadow Tag

Pain Split

Was wondering if this would be a plausible build for him seeing as he is the only Pokemon in game that can have both Curse (As a ghost) and some sort of arena trap mechanism. Also I do know that #1 counter would be No Guard Golurk for sure. But I was also thinking that with Shadow Tag you could pick and choose who you trapping...

My idea was
Turn 1 Minimize
Turn 2 Minimize
Turn 3 Minimize/PainSplit (if low)
Turn 4 Substitute
Turn 5 Curse
Turn 6+ Substitute/PainSplit Till someone is dead.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Just wanted to get some opinions on it. Didn't post in Movesets because its more of a gimmick build. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Well I have some bad news for you :/
Shadow Tag is Chandelure's Dream World ability, but it isn't released yet, so you can't get it. Also, Minimize is banned in competive, and Chandelure is a bit frail. It's a good idea, but you can't have Shadow Tag with it and that means that it would most likely fall apart. Sorry :/

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Q.: Can I get a DW Chandelure?

A.: *As B3N/Swaggron said, no, you cannot, as it has yet to be released.

Q.: Is my Curse Stall Chandelure Set viable?

A.: In my opinion, no. As B3N/Swaggron also said, "Minimize is Bannes from Competitive Play". I personally also say no as it is what we like to call "Taunt Bait", or a Pokemon with a Moveset dominanted completely by Status Moves that makes them prone to Struggle when hit by Taunt. In addition to this, Chandelure's Low Bulk and Speed gives it trouble sustaining the Substitute long enough to pull off the Stategy. For these 3 reasons, I say no.

However, I don't think that this Set is intended for Competitive Use, as you mentioned Minimize, and if that is so, perhaos it could work with the right Team Support. All in all though, no.