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I need a special sweeper, and currently I am running a PainSub Chandelure w/ fire blast and shadow ball. I don't like her on my team because 1) she is too slow and 2) I have 2 other Pokemon weak to both rock and ground. I am thinking Gengar, but is it a wise decision? I have:
Gyarados: dragon dance, waterfall, earthquake, ice fang
Jolteon: volt switch, thunderbolt, shadow ball, hp grass
Scrafty: bulk up, rest, crunch, drain punch
Deoxys-D: recover, psychic, spikes, toxic
Kyurem-B: hone claws, outrage, fusion bolt, blizzard

Any other suggestions will just as well be wholly considered!

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They have some varying roles. Lets start with Gengar.

Lets show off some of his stats.

HP : 60
Atk : 65
Def : 60
SAtk : 130
SDef : 75
Spd : 110

So we see a very good base stat in speed and special attack. This gives us the powerful role of Special Sweeper. No set up required. However Gengar can also run a highly effective SubDisable set.

Now lets have a look at Chandelure, then we'll compare them.

Chandelure Base Stats

HP 60
Atk : 55
Def : 90
SAtk : 145
SDef : 90
Spd : 80

So we see some higher defensive stats. We also see a higher special attack but a lower speed. This means that Chandelure will be outsped by many of her threats. We can fix this problem by either giving it a Choice Scarf, or EV training in speed. For in-game usage I would suggest option B. As no in-game Pokemon is EV trained, you can remedy many problems simply by EV training.

Comparison time.

So you have several bulky Pokemon on your team. You also have some fast sweepers, Jolteon and Gyarados.
However, other than Gyarados, and through simple bulk Deoxys-D, you don't really have anyone capable of taking a Special Fire attack. At the same time, no one on your team is capable of taking a STAB ghost move. Other than dear Scrafty.

So my suggestion, is Gengar. You're weaker to ghost moves than you are to fire moves, so Gengar with his high speed would be able to KO a ghost type before they KO him. He also works as clean up. With speed and high special attack, he can come in and without haveing to set up, he simply kills the opponent.

So, Gengar works very well on your team, and I hope you do well. But so does Chandelure as he provides a fire coverage with his ability Flash Fire.

I lean more towards Gengar, but Chandelure is also very functional.

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Chandelure..... It's just too epic, competitive or not, it's just too skilled. I'm not sure on a good moveset, but Chandelure is sure to win in the fight! Besides, it has some good Fire and Ghost moves. If you're skilled enough and you can handle it, it'll do ya good!