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I would like to use this combo in online double battles in Sun & Moon. What do you think of it?

(M) Lanturn (Water/Electric) – Rain Setter + Supporter

Ability: Water Absorb / Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Sp.Atk / 4 Sp.Def
Modest Nature (+Sp.Atk, Atk)
Item: Damp Rock
Rain Dance
Ice Beam

Lanturn sets up with Rain Dance which powers up Surf, activates Water Absorb and makes sure Thunder never misses. Surf heals Heliolisk and activates the Absorb Bulb item. Stockpile raises Lanturn’s Defense and Special Defense while Ice Beam is for Coverage.

(M) Heliolisk (Electric/Normal) – Special Sweeper

Ability: Dry Skin
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Spe
Timid Nature (+Spe, -Atk)
Item: Absorb Bulb
Electric Terrain / Charge
Hidden Power (Ground)
Dark Pulse

Electric Terrain powers up Thunder and activates Volt Absorb (???). Hidden Power (Ground) deals with other Electric Pokémon and Dark Pulse for coverage. I left Hyper Voice out even though it is STAB because it hurts Lanturn as well.

Does Electric Terrain indeed activate Volt Absorb? If not, then I’ll change the move with Charge for Heliolisk (unless there’s a better suggestion) and the ability Volt Absorb with Water Absorb for Lanturn.

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Stuff that takes this much setup is almost never good. Generally, combinations in doubles require no setup at all or just one move to set up.
So it would be better to switch Stockpile with Thunder and Electric Terrain with something like Dragon Pulse for coverage?
Btw does Electric Terrain indeed activate Volt Absorb?
No, it would be better to use completely different Pokemon that can hit much harder than Lanturn or Heliolisk. Also, electric terrain has no target, so it doesn't activate volt absorb.

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I think it is brilliant. But make sure you have a plan against the ability Trace, which may trace water absorb and take advantage of the rain. Also, make sure you have a method of removing the rain in case the opponent has a water type move/hydration/rain dish/etc. And maybe you can replace hidden power with a special attack/speed raising move on heliolisk. But other than that it is genius!

I hope I helped :)

How can this possibly be brilliant when the highest attack stat here is only 109, and the highest attack stat of anything that can hit ground Pokemon is 76? Don't answer unless you actually know what you're saying.