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I need to find a Pokemon that is resistant to psychic,Ghost Fire and fight with decent SpDef.
Is there a Pokemon like that? Or at least one that comes close? Thanks!

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Yeah, no. It took some time but here is the best I could find. It resists Fire and Fighting and Psychic and Ghost are nuetral to it. His SpD is decent at 100, and hit ability makes him even better. Guess yet?

Dragonite @ Leftovers
252 HP/ 252 Atk/ 4 Spe

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Or for a lower tier, try Altaria.

Altaria @ Leftovers
Natural Cure
252 HP/ 4 SpA/ 252 SpD

Dragon Pulse

Both great defensive Pokemon, Altaria is great in NU and Dragonite excels in OU. So overall, not perfectly what you need, but great at their job.

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Dragonite isn't resistant to psuchic or ghost
hence the "neutral resistant"
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Sorry.There is no Pokemon that is Resistant to psychic,Ghost Fire and fight.
Slowking fits the description.But its weak to ghost type.And its Sp.Def is good.

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spiritomb is not resistant to fire, neither is sableye
He did say close.
Well, Slowking is close to the discription
except it is weak to ghost
thats what i said too