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  • Can counter Rain teams
  • Works well in Sun
  • Is preferably a SAtker
  • Is not weak to Rock, Water, or Ground, or Flying

Please provide a Moveset for it as well, multiple suggestion are appreciated.


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enter image description here@ Life Orb
Natural Cure | Timid | 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Thunderbolt | Rapid Spin | Hydro Pump | Ice Beam

Other variations are also perfectly viable and all screw rain teams over just as bad though you will loose out on Rapid Spin support and that is essential on all sun teams. A bulky Rapid spin is viable as well as that can take the water attacks better as well as being a well rounded set that will be able to survive the duration of the battle, though you do loose out on thunderbolt and the amazing damage Starmie can cause. Hydro Pump is there over Surf as you loose stab, though either is equally viable.

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Levitate makes him immune to ground and with access to Trick destiny Bind Focus blast hypnosis Thunder shadow Ball Hex Thunderbolt Psychic Giga Drain Pain split Will O Wisp Confuse Ray Toxic Thunder wave and with an amazing SpA and Spe stat each; Gengar serves as a solid counter to Rakn Teams and Sun; with the immunities you asked for; and through his typing he walls Blissey who cant touch him with Toxic or Seismic Toss.

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Try using Viirizion. Though it is weak against flying type moves, its still really fast and you can teach it calm mind so you can get its special defense even higher than it already is. Most rain sweepers that don't tend to be physical so that's not a notable problem.

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I edited your answer so it made sense, and fixed up many errors. I up voted seen as the original answer still had the key information that was actually a half decent suggestion, though not one I would recommend.
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Ferrothorn can counter some rain teams. Resists Rock and Water but is hit neutrally by Flying and Ground. But the problem is... The ultra weakness of the sun becames more powerful. And isn't a special attacker. Anyways, here is the moveset:

| /
Ferrothorn | Rocky Helmet/Leftovers
Iron Barbs | Careful (+SpDef -SpAtk)
252 HP | 252 SpDef | 4 Atk
Stealth Rock | Thunder Wave
Spikes | Power Whip

My Ferrothorn. Stealth Rock is a hazard. Everyone may know this. If you have already a Pokemon carrying a Stealth Rock, go with Leech Seed or Gyro Ball. Thunder Wave gives you free turns to setup more Spikes. Power Whip is to don't be a taunt bait while can take Water-types that is bad against the sun. Leftovers give he more survivability but Rocky Helmet stacks with Iron Barbs dealing 29% damage if is using a physical attack on him making the oponent dislike use physical attacks. 252 HP EVs with 252 SpDef EVs and Careful nature gives him max SpDef sucking the oponent in both sides: special and physical.

I've found also Latias or Latios. Can counter Rain teams. Isn't bad in sun. Is special attackers and isn't weak to Rock, Water, Ground and Flying. Here is the set to the both:

Latias | Leftovers
Levitate | Timid (+Spd -Atk)
252 HP | 4 SpAtk | 252 Spd
Calm Mind | Hidden Power (Fire)
Dragon Pulse | Recover

The Calm Mind set from smogon. Calm Mind boosts it's special attack to high levels and OHKO or 2HKO almost everything. Hidden Power (Fire) can hit Fire-types that resist the Dragon Pulse plus it receives a pseudo-STAB from the sun. Dragon Pulse is the main move plus gains STAB hitting hard on many Pokemons.. Recover allows she survive longer and setup more Calm Minds. Leftovers gives she more turn to setup Calm Minds. 252 HP EVs give she more survivability. 252 Spd EVs and Timid nature helps she setup more easly.

Latios | Life Orb
Levitate | Timid (+Spd -Atk)
4 HP | 252 SpAtk | 252 Spd
Calm Mind | Hidden Power (Fire)
Dragon Pulse | Psyshock

Otha set from smogon with a bit of difference. Calm Mind boosts the special attack to sky high levels allowing he hit very hard on many Pokemons. Hidden Power (Fire) can hit Steel-types with super effective damage plus gains a pseudo-STAB from the sun. Dragon Pulse is the main move that gains STAB hitting hard on many Pokemons. Psyshock allows he hit hard in Blisseys and gains STAB too. 252 SpAtk EVs with Life Orb give he a strong power dealing a huge amount of damage after a few Calm Minds. Timid nature with 252 Spd EVs eases he setup Calm Minds while helps he sweeping.

This 3 Pokemons(Ferrothorn, Latias and Latios) are the best that I've found. Hope I helped you and good luck to your battles!

My problem with Latios/Latias is they offer almost nothing to a sun team. The water resistance is short lived in Rain and your defiantly not using Latios to its full potential. Again for Ferrothorn, it doesn't offer as much to sun teams as Forretress, as Forretress can out stall Terrakion, Volt switch, Rapid spin and even Hp Ice lol. Though the rapid spin support is essential. Overall your Pokemon may counter rain but don't have much of a place in sun. Though this is a great answer non of the less so I'm gonna up vote. try changing your sets though.