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By SOS chaining. You first find a wild corsala, then get it to call for help until you get a Mareanie. Once Mareanie appears, you either catch it and hope you get lucky or you do a number of different methods to check its ability and if its not the one you want you continue the chain and try again.

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If I'm understanding you right, I can only chain Mareanie if I don't knock out the Corsola?
My experience says that is correct.  Mareanie/Corsola have a preador/prey relationship.  Mareanie will only appear when Corsola calls for help.  So if you want to find a HA or high IV Mareanie, you are also simultaneously chaining Corsola, as they may also appear when Corsola calls for help.
Ah, I knew that then. If the longer the chain goes on, the better the IVs/Shiny chance/etc. is of the Pokémon, does that probability also apply to Mareanie in a chain of Corsola?
From what I've read elsewhere, it's not the specie in the chain that is relevant, but rather the length of the chain.  Past 30 is supposed to be the sweet spot for IVs, and likely for shiny chance as well.  Not sure on HA, but I doubt it would be longer for just one without also the others.

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Ah, thank you!
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make the chain longer while grinding for it