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Ok, so I’m fairly certain this is an airhead question but I’m a little confused none the less...

Reading thru the various guides online I originally assumed that a hidden ability Pokemon was one that had their regular randomly selected ability AND a special secret hidden one that you couldn’t see on its stats screen (hence the ‘hidden’ in hidden ability) there was no way of knowing if a Pokémon had this hidden ability until it’s effects became aparant in battle...
However, I am starting to suspect that I may have misinterpreted the given info...
Are Pokémon hidden abilities just a third possible outcome for the randomized abilities? And the only way of getting a hidden ability ‘mon is catching one?
And you have no way of knowing if you are catching a hidden ability ‘mon until the abilities’ effects make themselves known in battle (or until caught)?

I'm pretty sure the hidden ability completely replaces the regular ability(ies) and will appear on summary screens. I think it was originally "hidden" because the Pokemon that had hidden abilities were hidden or hard to get.

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A hidden ability is an alternate ability that can only be acquired in special circumstances, hence “hidden.” Pokemon cannot have two abilities.

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Grrrr. Of course I would get it all backwards!
Well, thanks for the info!