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The legndaries and mythical with HA have been listed below

Articuno- Snow Cloak
Zapdos- Static
Moltres- Flame Body
Mewtwo- Unnerve
Raikou- Inner Focus
Entei- Inner Focus
Suicune- Inner Focus
Ho-Oh- Regenerator
Lugia- Multiscale
Regirock- Sturdy
Regice- Ice Body
Registeel- Light Metal
Dialga- Telepathy
Palkia- Telepathy
Giratina- Telepathy
Heatran- Flame Body
Tornadus- Defiant
Thundurus- Defiant
Landorus- Sheer Force
Zygarde- Power Construct(not hidden but event)
Tapu Koko- Telepathy
Tapu Lele- Telepathy
Tapu Bulu- Telepathy
Tapu Fini- Telepathy

And that's all.

Hope I didn't miss any if I did, then comment.

Hope I helped.

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Even if im late I included evrey single Legendary Pokemon and gave a detailed account of them.
this is missing 3 HAs.
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Giratina-Altered: Telepathy
Palkia: Telepathy
Diagla: Telepathy
Tapu Koko: Telepathy
Tapu Lele: Telepathy
Tapu Bulu: Telepathy
Tapu Fini: Telepathy
Thundurus-Incarnate: Defiant
Tornadus-Incarnate: Defiant
Landorus-Incarnate: Sheer Force
Heatran: Flame Body
Regice: Ice Body
Regirock: Sturdy
Registeel: Light Metal
Articuno: Snow Cloak
Zapdos: Static
Moltres: Flame Body
Mewtwo: Unnerve
Lugia: Multiscale
Ho-Oh: Regenerator
Entei: Inner Focus (Gen 5-6): Flash Fire
Suicune: Inner Focus (Gen 5-6): Water Absorb
Raikou: Inner Focus (Gen 5-6): Volt Absorb
Zygarde: Power Construct (Event)

Source: Pokebase and this

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This isn't all of them.  You're missing a lot.
Your second source is incomplete lol, making the answer incomplete.
@Assault Ποσειδώνας what do you mean?
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The legendary birds having flame body, snow cloak and static respectively

The legendary dogs with inner focus

The Hoenn Regis with sturdy, ice body and light metal respectively

Heatran with flame body

The Unova genies with Lando has sheer force and the other two with defiant

All the Tapus having telepathy

Mewtwo with unnerve

Lugia with multiscale

Hooh with regenerator

The Sinnoh dragons with telepathy

Source: https://www.serebii.net/pokemon/legendary.shtml

Prior to Gen 7, the Legendary Beasts had Volt Absorb, Flash Fire and Water Absorb for HA's.