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From generation I-V and all their effects


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I don't know why people ask questions like this...

  • Bulbasaur: Chlorophyll (Raises Speed during in Sunshine)
  • Charmander: Solar Power (Raises Sp. Atk in Sunshine but lowers HP)
  • Squirtle: Rain Dish (Gain 1/16 HP every turn in Rain)
  • Chickorita: Leaf Guard (Immunity to Status' in Sunshine)
  • Cyndaquil: Flash Fire (When hit by a Fire attack, it powers up its own Fire attacks)
  • Totodile: Sheer Force (Boosts power of moves with a secondary effect by 30% and removes the secondary effect.
  • Treecko: Unburden (Doubles speed when your item is lost)*
  • Torchic: Speed Boost (Raises Speed every turn)
  • Mudkip: Damp (Prevents self-destructing moves)
  • Turtwig: Shell Armor (Immunity from Critical hits)
  • Chimchar: Iron Fist (Boost power of punching moves)
  • Piplup: Defiant (When its stats are lowered, its Attack will rise)
  • Snivy: Contrary (Stat changes will have the opposite effect
  • Tepig: Thick Fat (Raises resistance to Fire and Ice attacks)
  • Oshawott: Shell Armor (Immunity to Critical hits)

I hope this helps in whatever way you need it to!
* Thank you for the note Lucario.

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Unburden raises Speed if you use your item.
Also, personally, I think the most useful are Squirtle's Rain Dish for rain,  Torchic's Speed Boost for Uber Blaziken, and Snivy's Contrary for Leaf Storm.
I don't know, Lucario... Charmander's Solar Power can be devastating when used with Choice Specs on a sun team, Treecko's Unburden is nice for a SubBerry strategy and Totodile's Sheer Force gives a nice power boost for things like Waterfall, Ice Punch and Crunch.
Good point, all of them are pretty useful in one way or another :)