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Oshawott is an otter, Chimchar is a monkey, and Honedge is a blade.
But what on God's Green Earth is Glalie?

God's Earth is 70% blue, fyi. :P xD

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>Similar to Jynx, Glalie is based on human features, most likely on a cold, distant person or facial expression. It also looks somewhat similar to an ice hockey mask. Due to its horns and teeth, it may be based on a standard oni or possibly even onigiri, as its Japanese name suggests. It also resembles a hailstone.

Personally, I'm buying the oni theory most.


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Glalie's name in japanese is literally ice demon, or ice oni. It could be seen that glalie is supposed to be a freakish monster of the cold. Likewise, is japanese name sounds extremely similar to onigiri, or rice balls. That's right, glalie could be a giant sentient rice ball, or as Brock calls them, jelly filled donuts. It also somewhat looks like it's wearing a hockey mask, and it's head profile is similar to that of a cats, and we all know how much Game Freak loves making Pokemon that resemble cats. The concept of a snowball may have also served as inspiration.

Sourceand my own speculation

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Actually, it is supposed to represent a hockey goalie, as its name is a combination of "glacier" and "goalie".