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Which is the better Ice type and why?

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HP: 95
Attack: 117
Defense: 184
Special Attack: 44
Special Defense: 48
Speed: 28
BST: 514

Avalugg has some great Defense and Attack stats, with a complimentary movepool such as Gyro Ball, Avalanche, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crunch and Roar. It has a great ability, sturdy, which helps it live any super effective hit at full health. However Avalugg has one of the worst Special Defense stats ever, which means that any Special Attack will kill it.
+1 252+ SpA Choice Specs Sunkern Solar Beam vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Avalugg: 393-463 (99.7 - 117.5%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO


HP: 71
Attack: 95
Defense: 85
Special Attack: 110
Special Defense: 95
Speed: 79

Vaniluxe has some decent defense stats, and a great Special Attack stat, but it's speed is lacking. With Ice Body as it's better ability it can function well in Hail. However it's movepool is quite bad. With only Blizzard, Flash Cannon, and Hyper Beam as it's most viable moves, it's quite limited in coverage. However it does also get Autotomize which can be used to fix it's bad speed and give it a sweeping shot.


HP: 95
Attack: 110
Defense: 80
Special Attack: 70
Special Defense: 80
Speed: 50

This Pokemon has some well rounded, but below average, stats. His saving grace is his Hidden Ability Swift Swim which will boost his speed and give him a chance at using his Attack Stat. With a variety of moves such as Stone Edge, Shadow Claw, Bulldoze, Night Slash, Brick Break, Aqua Jet, and Superpower he can get a lot of coverage. He can also attempt a sweep using Sword Dance and Swift Swim.


HP: 70
Attack: 50
Defense: 30
Special Attack: 95
Special Defense: 135
Speed: 105

This Pokemon has some really bad Defense and HP stats, but his Special Defense stat is quite good. He also has a good speed stat which can make him good for Speedy Support. With a nice supportive moveset like Reflect, Light Screen, Confuse Ray, Haze, Swagger, Toxic, and Hail, this Pokemon can effectively support a team if used right.

A Last Word:

Cryogonal is a decent Pokemon but outclassed by other Pokemon with better stats, and better HP.
Beartic is good in lower tiers where there's not much outspeeding him, but 50 base speed and poor Defenses just don't cut it.
Vanilluxe is a good Pokemon but sadly doesn't have the movepool to pull off anything more then a half-hearted sweep.
Avalugg has some great moves to compliment it's stats, but a poor special defense stat can get it killed pretty easily.

Of these four Ice types I'd say it really depends on what you need and who you intend to pair them with. Cryogonal could make a good pair with a frail Pokemon who wants some Screen protection. Beartic could be used well on a lower tier rain team. Avalugg can amke a nice slow attacker with Sturdy. Vanniluxe could pull off a last minute autotomize sweep. In all though I'd say the best ice type of these four is Avalugg due to his unique movepool and stats.

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You can get around avalugg's low sp.def problem with sturdy and the move mirror coat.
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That is a hard choice to make because they are all so different. Probably either Beartic or Vanilluxe, though. Beartic is a good physical attacker, while Vanilluxe is a good Special attacker, so they can't really be compared. Beartic may be slightly better because Vanilluxe has a crappy move pool, though. Beartic gets Superpower, Night Slash, and Stone Edge for coverage, while Vanilluze doesn't really get any good non-Ice type moves.

As for Avalugg and Cryogonal, both get Rapid Spin, and so might be used competitively. However, being Ice types they aren't the best spinners around as they are weak to Stealth Rocks. Avalugg can take physical hits for days, but has terrible Special Defence, while Cryogonal is the opposite. Cryogonal might slightly edge Avalugg out has it has the ability Levitate, though, which at least makes it immune to Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web. Avalugg gets Sturdy, but that is useless if you are switching into hazards.

So all-in-all I would Beartic is over all the best Pokemon out of these four, but it is really let down by its low Speed, so even it isn't perfect.

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ok, as you have listed up 4 Pokemons there, I'm not going to list up pros and cons and just go right to the answer.

no wait! boring talk first: normally i'd say dont use ice types at all> use mamoswine > use beartice, vanililuxe, cyrogonal or avalugg. the reason is that ice is such a horrible type defensive as its only optinion is offensive and mamoswine and cloyster is the best canditates for that. the only reason I can see to use any of your pokes over mamo and cloyster is that 1. you are playing in a lower tier. 2.desperetaly need a rapid spinner weak to 4 types and stealth rock and the best canditate for that wold be cyrogonal as avalugg cant really take any special hit, and sturdy will not activate after stealth rock. here is the set:

[email protected] orb
enter image description here
trait: levitate
timid nature
64 HP / 252 SpA / 192 Spe

  • rapid spin
  • HP-fire
  • ice beam
  • recover/ reflect

well, terrible defenses so its really weak to priority, but guess it works in RU