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I'm closer than ever to completing the national dex in diamond (apart from the event Pokemon with you don't need) but I need a Milotic, and I can't seem to find Pamtre berries to make into poffins. I've been walking around in Amity Square for about half an hour with my pikachu and haven't picked up one berry.

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>Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Found in Amity Square by a partner Pokémon.

Keep trying; picking up items in Amity Square is random.

And to be honest, while Pamtre Berry does have the highest Dry rating, Chesto or Charti Berries will do just fine; they'll make Poffins that increase the beauty condition as well.

Pamtre Berry

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I've tried chesto, but when I maxed out sheen it still wouldn't evolve :/
From experience poffins made from berries that are low (around 10) in their categories can't max out sheen, and a Pokemon will stop eating them at a certain point, so you need to win a few competitions with the Feebas to increase its beauty stat.