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Ok, what will happen if I'm in a double battle I select an attack for both my Pokemon, but the faster one KO's one of the opposing Pokemon causing my slower Pokemon to level up. Upon leveling up what'll happen if the slower Pokemon wants to learn a new move and I delete the move I selected to attack?


A. The Pokemon will use the replaced move.
B. The move will fail.
C. Or will it use the selected move previously one last time.
D Niether of these then explain your answer.

Hopefully not to confusing.


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The Pokémon will use the replaced move.

Source: Experience

If you want an official source:

"During an in-game Double Battle, after a move is issued, if that Pokémon levels up before its in-battle turn and replaces the move currently awaiting execution with a new move, the new move will be used instead of the old one."

"Multiple turn moves such as Outrage will continue to be performed even if the move is deleted between turns. This can happen in both single and double battles."

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Move

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The move will be replaced, but the move selected will still be in effect