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I captured MissingNo in Pokemon Blue and now if I play for over 1 hour or attempt to start a new game it crashes, this hour window gives me time to trade to my other Gen1/2 games that are not broken. I have a variety of high level Pokemon on there and would like to do it but would really not like to break another cartridge... So yeah, anyone done it before/anyone got any ideas?


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No, it won't damage those games.

Contrary to popular beleif, Missingno does not crash your game is save file. The only thing it permanately damages are you Hall of Fame entries, which you can play the game without. So the crashing issue is unrelated to Missingno and must've been caused by something else.

So you can trade those Pokemon to your other games without worrying about the effect Missingno has on them, because outside of glitching the Hall of Fame, Missingno is harmless.

Are you sure, I've played through RBY multiple times and the only one that's acted like this is the only one I've caught MissingNo in?
Yes, 100% sure. It is purely a coincidence.
By the way, what kind of crash is it? Is it just a regular freeze, or something else like problems with the save file?
Missingno doesn't actually crash the game, what most likely happens is the gameboy cartridges internal battery runs dry, causing the game to lose all save data and not be able to save again.
Yeah I know about internal batteries dying but when I bought it I replaced the battery so it has a solid 5 years left in it. The crash is weird... like really weird. Basically all of the Pokemons sprites spread outward across the screen and the HP bar/structure around it becomes fragmented and expands also. After that every Pokemon's sprite is fragmented. It looks a bit like glitch city if I keep on playing, possibly because I've been to glitch city in that game.
The scrambled sprites are most likely caused by Missingno., but they can be fixed easily. Just look at the Pokedex entry for a legit Pokemon and it'll fix itself. However, the HP bar and Glitch City like effects are kind of unexplainable. Glitch City and Missingno. are both almost harmless, so they are probably the results of a different glitch (like the expanding HP bar which is common in many glitches like the ZZAZZ trainer glitch).
Alright bro, thanks for your help. If checking the Pokedex stops the scrambled sprites I'll definitely trade over :)
No problem :D
Once on leaf green there was a thing where when you start a new game, save at least twice, turn it off and turn it on again it starts a new game.

Also my brothers friend had a game where all the sprites were flipped round, which was weird also. I know a bit off topic but its interesting.