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It says that I'm not stylish enough... How do you become stylish then?


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You're outta date, boi. You're style's a disgrace to Lumiose City. xD

You can do the following things to increase your style:

Doing these things increase your style minimally:

  • Head to Lumiose Museum and listen to the audio to the variety of masterpieces.
  • Create a PR video at the Trainer PR video.
  • Take a chance at the lottery at the Loto ID center.
  • Give your Furfrou a top-dog look (get it? xD) at Friseur Furfrou.
  • Get your character a haircut at Coiffure Clips.

Doing these things increase your style moderately:

  • Create Berry Juice at the Juice Shoppe.
  • Ride a taxi/Gogoat to get around Lumiose.
  • Take the MTZ or whatever train to Kiloude City.
  • Shop in stores. :P
  • Battle in the many restaurants of Lumiose City. (Great battling experience :3)

Doing these things increase your style highly:

  • Test out your team at the Battle Institute.
  • Work for Hotel Richissime. (You also get money! :3)
  • Ask Alexa to show you around.

Some of these things are only accessible by doing certain things such as beating the league, getting style without doing those things, and completing certain parts of the game. (To get to the other sections of Lumiose)

Hope I helped. :)

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Me voted you. We used same source. You provided such more information. You will steal le BA. Me cry. But me understand your answer better than my answer.
Thnx guys!
I'm sorry xD
Hint: Get Alexa to keep on showing you to the avenue she is on. Then go back to Lumiose Press and repeat.
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