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All of the outfits are extremely expensive; yet they look amazing!
Help would be appreciated.
Where can I find the Mega Stone for Houndoom?

The Houndoominite can be found on Route 16 after the Mega Ring has been upgraded and it is between 8 and 9 PM.
Wondering the  same thing, really want the Fedoras D:
Fyi, Houndoomite is exclusive to Pokémon Y. In Pokémon X, you'll find Manectite in the same location.

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Update: There will be a distribution of a Discount Coupon and it is limited to one per game.

In addition to this, they have announced a special Global Link distribution of the Discount Coupon item. This item gives you a 50% discount in all Boutiques across the Kalos region. This item will be distributed from January 15th 2014 in Japan and is one per game. Details of a North American and European distribution are not known, but the announcement of the attraction has yet to come there. We'll bring full details on both of these as they come Edit @ 02:54: The Discount Coupon distribution has been confirmed for North America and Europe, and runs from January 14th 2014 until March 3rd 2014-Serebii

enter image description here
You can even see the Boutique clothes and the Discount Coupon in the picture above.

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