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What is the best team to take down a level 70 MewTwo? I have no dark and my ghost\bugs are very weak.

Take down or catch it?
I want to attempt to capture if I can.  However, I don't think I have the team to capture let alone take MewTwo all the way down if I have to.
well for my experince of mewtwo you should maybe seach what moves he/she/it has like mew two is a psychic of course but its a diffrent pshycih since most psy types are weak in deffence mewtwo is actlually preety good at def well on how you catch it on how you fight it aura spher is for dark types and metal stone ice normal psycih is for grass poison and barrir is for its deffcne and recover is just so it irritatas you i havent met in my fire red yet but i do know for a fact that mewtwo is something that you should not fight untill your ready like have at least a level good def dark or speed dosent matter or something that has a high evasion and high def and can use recoverthen you should be good to go

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So, I'll give you a team which can really help you catch it.

- Hypnosis
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Taunt

- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Skull Bash
- Bite

- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Double Edge
- Aerial Ace

- Thunderbolt
- Charge
- Explosion
- Thunder Wave

- Flamethrower
- Sunny Day
- Solar Beam
- Extremespeed

Now, you'll need some HM slaves with (recommended)
Rock Smanh, Strength and Surf. Also DO NOT FORGET to bring a lot of Max Repels (Very important).

P.S. don't forget to bring Poke balls/Ultra Balls.

I have charizard.  As for the water type, I have seadra for the water type.  Graveler has the rock smash and strength.  Brought Butterfree (Lv 50) for the bug type.  Pidgeot for flying to eliminate everything before MewTwo.  Dragging along a Lv 25 Evee hoping to evolve it into an Umbreon which might be difficult.
You can't evolve eevee into Umbreon if FireRed anyway. No Day or Night.
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Since FireRed is the Kanto region right? In Gen III. Assuming you have the national pokedex, you can plenty of Sableye because Phychic and Normal would not be able affect Sableye. If you do not have Pokemon E/R/S then use pokemon with the high SP.Def since it would use Phychic or Future Sight.

u dont get the national dex in firered
yea you do