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I'm playing Pokemon Red Version, and I beat Koga and walked the route back to Lavender Town. I looked up a walkthrough and it says I need to go to the Power Plant now, but I can't figure out how to get to it. Also, the guard blocking the route who says he's thirsty.. I have to bring him some Tea, right? But I can't find the woman who gives me the Tea.

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You can give the guards Fresh Water, Soda Pop, or Lemonade to quench their thirst. You can get drinks on the top floor of Celadon's department store. That'll grant you access to Saffron City, where you have "two" gym challenges awaiting you, among a couple other goodies!

EDIT: Oh, and don't worry about that Power Plant quite yet. From what I remember, that's completely optional.

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Optional? Good. It's a Nuzlocke and I was terrified Zapdos would kill me..
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How do I get to the Power Plant?
Accessing the Power Plant is optional at this point, so don't worry about that right now. :)

How do I get past the thirsty guards?
>Go to the roof of the department store in Celadon City. There, you'll find a vending machine with Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade. Buy any one you wish, it doesn't matter, and walk by the guard. He'll somehow know you have the drink, stop you, and take it. He'll drink it up, stop being thirsty, and let you pass as a way of thanking you. He'll share it with the other guards, too, so you only have to give a drink to one.

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The Tea is not available in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow as it is only available in Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green.

To get passed the thirsty guard, go to Celadon Department Store and go to the roof of the building and purchase either a Fresh Water, Soda Pop, or Lemonade from the vending machine. Then return to the guard and give him one of drinks you've purchased and he will let you pass.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

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