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So as you know, Pokemon Bank has finally been released in the US. I traded my Braviary from White 2 to my Y version. Because happiness always resets to neutral when a Pokemon is traded, I knew that Return would be affected as well, however, I was playing some Amie and maxed out the hearts and I remembered hearing a rumor or stating that if you maxed out the hearts in Pokemon Amie then it would make Return have full power. I am wondering if it works because I tried it on a Zweilous and it barley did any damage, but then I used crush claw and it KO-ed it. I'm thinking Pokemon-Amie does not affect Return but if anyone knows for sure, that would be great. Thanks!

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No, Pokemon-Amie does not change the base power of Return or Frustration in any way. Happiness and Affection are two different things - Affection is used to get advantages in battle, and Happiness effects the base power of Return and Frustration, can be used to evolve some Pokemon, etc.

So to make Return have its full 102 base power, you will need to max out Braviary's happiness. Pokemon-Amie won't work.

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