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I just noticed, Fire Blast's base damage is now 110 instead of 120. I checked Hydro Pump too, which also has a damage drop. Why the sudden drop in base damage during Gen 6?

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In gen 6 (X and Y) they changed the attack power of many moves. The same is like the PP like Acid Armor. And some Pokemon had their stats changed. It could be coz Fire Blast have a big domain in the competive play and are very powerful moves.

Source Experience and Serebii

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I hate they did that to Dragon Pulse :/
Really? That's sucky :/ they also did it to Blizzard
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I know that it is OverPowered (OP), when a Keldeo uses Hydro Pump in rain and gets 270 BP for it with 80% accuracy.

The BP was lowered because they were just too powerful especially for high offense Pokémon and Game Freak noticed that it was too powerful, so they lowered it so now Keldeo gets a BP of... does maths 247.5.