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I just have a good rod, not a super rod. I want that item so I can catch a high-level magikarp and evolve it into gyarados

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you can get it after you have defeated the elite four and visit the battle frontier for the first time you will see 2 guys blocking the upper gateway
to get it open you need to complete the sinnoh dex and talk to prof.rowan and prof.oak, then return to battle frontier there will be a fisher man standing there, where the 2 man blocking the gateway was, talk to him and he will give you a super rod

and if you want a good pokemon to catch, then you should catch a dratini, you can now catch with your super rod

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after you get the natinonal pokedex tak to the fisherman standing next to the entrance to the route to north of the battle frontier

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ok... there's a lot of fisherman in the game! can you tell me what city or where is it? that can be usefull!
sorry, i edited it sometimes i actidently forget to right what i think :(