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I got the national Pokedex before beating Cynthia, so I don't know.

You mean Master Rod? You can get the Super Rod midgame lol
Either I've missed something huge in Diamond and two Platinum playthroughs, or there's no such thing as a Master Rod. I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I presume you're thinking of the Good Rod, which you do get midgame. It goes Old Rod < Good Rod < Super Rod.
Arewefreshyet, what happened to you? There is no master rod.
We've found it. The fishing rod that can hook a Kyogre.
I got mixed up :P, i mixed good rod with super rod

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Yes, it is possible. The only requirement to get to the Fight and Resort areas is to beat Cynthia. However, you need the National PokéDex to access the Survival Area because it has species not native to Sinnoh.

Source: The internet and I believe when I first played Platinum oh so many years ago, I could go to the Fight Area and got the Super Rod but was unable to access the other areas because I hadn't seen every Pokémon in the PokéDex.

TL;DR Yes.

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So that means that it is possible to catch non-native Pokemon without trading or hacking before getting the national Pokedex? I finally found an error in Platinum storyline!
You can do it in ORAS too.