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There is no real confirmation of what tipping does to your gaming experience, however some people are saying it may increase your shiny chance!

This is still speculation, however this theory is well supported - it definitely makes sense since maybe the shiny chance could be increased due to people tipping everyone. And I can personally support this as I never tip people and I haven't found a single shiny as of yet. 3:

But apart from this wonderful theory, there is no confirmed usage in tipping people, so unless your obsessed with shinies don't tip people. xD

Hope I helped. :)

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I've tipped alot and found 6 random shinies.
EVERY SINGLE TIME I have come across someone who wants a tip, I have tipped them. No shiny as of yet and I have played for about 50 hours. My brother hasn't tipped anyone yet (played around 50 hours) and has had 2 shinies appear. I honestly don't think tipping does anything.
The same for me @ Haunter. Bro never tips. Shiny Lunatone. I tip the maximum. No shiny. boo.
I guess that just means you have really  bad luck. xD
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There is no proof to whether tipping increases the chance of finding a shiny however it seems more and more likely. This website http://www.examiner.com/article/pokemon-x-and-pokemon-y-tipping-effect-potentially-revealed and the official Nintendo magazine( http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/55572/features/9-unsolved-mysteries-of-pokemon-x-and-y/?page=3) say that it is possible but is not confirmed.So tipping might or might not do you any good.

Hope I helped!