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I know two: Farfetch'd and Ho-oh. Are there any others?

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Mr. Mime porygon-2 porygon-Z
Black-kyurem White-kyurem
That doesn't really count they're forms.

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  • Nidoran (Both genders have the boy/girl sign)

  • Porygon-2

  • Farfetch'd

  • Ho-oh

  • Mime Jr.

  • Mr. Mime

  • Porygon-Z

A lot of Pokemon have different forms and to denote this a dash is used, example "Giratina-Origin" or "Black-Kyurem". These are different forms and there are too many to list. The game doesn't take account of these names anyway, and simply puts their normal name, for example both forms of Giratina, Origin and Alternate, are simply called "Giratina" by the game.

Organized according to region.

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You won best answer because the other guy that put stuff about forms thought that the plural of pokemon was pokemons.
i tried to explain what i mean, but he did it better ;-;
That doesn't matter :D
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  • Nidoran♀
  • Nidoran♂
  • Ho-Oh
  • farfetch'd
  • mr. Mime
  • mime jr.
  • porygon2
  • porygon-Z

(*All Pokemons with two formes have a "-" in their name. Example deoxys-[form] but these doesn't have actually punctuations in their names in the games, so I'm not listing them)

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White/black - kyurem
Ho- oh
Nidoran have gender. Signs in their names
Deoxys- forms

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