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If you played Pokemon Battle Revolution, you will see a Trainer using a shiny Magneton. It has a shiny icon, for the least.
^ that was a cool game :D
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While a trainer's already owned Pokemon cannot be shiny, it's possible for say, Wally, to encounter a shiny Ralts in the in the tutorial where you teach (yea right) him how to catch a Pokemon, though it won't stay shiny when you battle him later on.

Bulbapedia - Wally

It's also possible for Professor Juniper's Mincinno to be shiny, in the opening sequence and also in her demo on how to catch a Pokemon.

Video - Professor Juniper's shiny Minccino (opening)
Video - Professor Juniper's shiny Minccino (demo)

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It does kind make sense. I'm just guessing but I suppose since for the cut scenes they have to  use the sprites from battle and not from gameplay (if you know what i mean) then that sprite would share it's coding with the wild ones, if only for the image, and  share the shiny chance. It's entirely  possible with how unlikely that it would be shiny that GF would not notice that it could be at all and failed to spot it. I'm not sure about the demo, best guess is that it would technically count as a "wild pokemon", at least as far as the engine is concerned, since it's technically two AI rather than a Player controlled Versus AI. I'm not too sure about that though.
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No. in-game, general NPC's such as Ace Trainers ect have no chance of their Pokemon being shiny.

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The only in game trainers you can battle that have a Shiny Pokémon, are three trainers in Generation III in Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green.

In this generation, several Pokémon Battle e Trainers have Pokémon which are preset as Shiny. Additionally, in the Trainer Tower in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, there are three Trainers who have preset Shiny Pokémon: the Trainer on the seventh floor in the Single Battle mode has a Shiny Meowth, the pair of Trainers on the first floor in the Double Battle mode have a Shiny Espeon, and finally, the second Trainer on the fourth floor in the Knockout Mode has a Shiny Seaking. No Trainers have preset Shiny Pokémon in the Mixed Mode.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny_Pokémon#Generation_III

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Hm i'm not sure if this actually adds any needed or prevalent info. You didn't need to answer xD
"...a chance an in-game trainer's pokemon will be shiny"

No one stated that their captured pokemon can or could be shiny. They just said a possibility of the NPC seeing one, No, and No (respectively).

So, no, you're incorrect. He did, as a matter of fact, add new information.
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PX, the reason I included this answer was because no one else answered with it and because their the only trainers you can battle that will use a Shiny Pokémon against you in battle.
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No, in-game trainer's Pokémon will not be shiny because when they made the game they programmed all trainers not to have shiny Pokémon.