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Fan Rotom is an Electric/Flying type Pokemon means it can already resist Ground type moves. However, it also has Levitate ability making it useless because of its typing. Is there any other ability for Fan Rotom?

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No Rotom Fan has the same Ability as all the other Rotom's, that being Levitate.

It wouldn't make much sense to have one Rotom with a different Ability than the rest.

As of Pokémon X and Y there seems to be a use of Rotom Fan having Levitate. In an Inverse Battle Rotom Fan is still protected from Ground type moves thanks to Levitate, despite Ground type moves being able to hit Flying types.

Despite becoming part Flying-type, Fan Rotom retains the Ability Levitate, being the only Flying-type Pokémon with this Ability. As its Flying type already makes it immune to Ground-type moves, its Ability is effectively useless under normal conditions. In Inverse Battles, Fan Rotom is still protected from Ground moves due to Levitate, making it the only Flying-type Pokémon to not be affected by Ground-type moves in these battles.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Rotom_(Pokémon)

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Well, I guess Levitate ability isn't that useless at all. A Rotom can change into other forms like Heat Rotom in which its Electric and Fire typing resist those super effective Ground-type moves with the same ability. Thanks!
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No - only Levitate. As if that wasn't bad enough, if you get one in Random battles on Showdown, it will usually be holding an Air Balloon. I mean seriously???

It no doubt has Levitate simply because all the Rotom forms have the same ability - having one with a different one makes little sense.

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