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Would Xatu or Rotom-Fan be better at pulling off this set with ability/stats/typing? And what would be a good EV spread, nature, and final move?
Air Slash
Thunder Wave
Confuse Ray

With Confuse Ray 50% chance, Thunder Wave 25% chance, and Air Slash's 30% chance (only if you out speed) would the set be worth it anyway?
I was thinking Xatu has better speed for flinching, but Rotom-Fan has more bulk. Xatu has a better ability (Rotom-Fan has a useless ability anyway because of its Flying-Type).

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Xatu and Rotom-Fan would prefer better sets; Confuse Ray is sorta a gimmicky option.

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It Depends.

It depends on what kind of a role you're looking for.

Xatu is a better Defensive kind of Pokemon, although it is weak to common types such as Electric, Ice, Dark, Ghost and Rock.

And yet, the following reasons make it a good choice as a defensive Pokemon:

  • Magic Bounce
  • Dual Screen Set Up
  • Reliable Recovery in the form of Roost

On the other hand, Rotom - Flying, despite having better resistances and lesser weaknesses, is better off in a more Offensive / Pivot role. It has decent Speed and Special Attack, like Xatu, but lacks moves to help out in Support for the rest of your team.

Things that make it a good Scout / Sweeper

  • Good Speed
  • Access to Volt Switch
  • Decent Special Attack, and learns good moves like Air Slash (And, for support, Will-o-wisp)

Thus, it depends on what you need it exactly for. My own opinion?

Try out both. You'll be surprised by some of the unforeseen synergy between either and the rest of the team.

Depending on your requirement, I'll post some common, effective sets. However, I *may* not be able to come back soon, so you'll have to give me a wee bit of time. In the meanwhile, if somebody else answers better, feel free to BA them.

[Request to Editors/ Experts: I know this is generally frowned upon, but I'd be indebted if one of you could please edit in  a good moveset. Just a request, though, so sorry if I break any guidelines I am unaware of.]
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Rotom-Fan would be better at using this set.

Why not Xatu?

The main reason why Xatu isn't as effective at using this set is because it is weak to so many common types, such as Electric, Dark, Rock, and Ghost. This is especially troublesome because Xatu doesn't have the bulk to cope with these weaknesses.

Rotom-Fan, on the other hand, is only weak to 2 types (none of them are 4x) and it has 5 resistances / 1 immunity (all of which are common attacking types). Rotom-Fan also has slightly better bulk with 50 / 107 / 107, while Xatu only has 65 / 70 / 70 bulk. Finally, Rotom-Fan also gets better Sp. Atk.

Full Set

Rotom-Fan@Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 68 HP / 252 Sp. Atk / 188 Speed
Timid Nature (- Atk, + Speed)

  • Air Slash
  • Thunder Wave
  • Confuse Ray / Pain Split
  • Volt Switch / Thunderbolt


Why that EV spread?

The EVs in speed / speed-boosting nature is meant to outspeed Adamant Kangaskhan and Adamant Sawk (both of which are big threats).

Maximum investment in Sp. Atk (along with Life Orb) is needed to muscle pass through walls / tanks.

The rest is invested in HP to boost its bulk.

Why those moves?

Air Slash + T-Wave is needed for paraflinching (and you did want those two moves).

Confuse Ray isn't as viable on Rotom-Fan, so I suggested Pain Split as another option because Pain Split is Rotom-Fan's only form of recovery.

Volt Switch is meant for grabbing momentum, while Thunderbolt gets a powerful STAB attack.

Hope I helped!