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I've seen some people doing the Masuda method and afterwards just leaving the Pokemon in the day care because the cost to take them out is too high.

But this would effectively dissable the day care, so you could no longer breed Pokemon. I don't want to do the Masuda method if this is what you get afterwards.

But is the cost really that high? Isn't it 100 pokedollars for the Pokemon to come out without levelling up, and another 100 pokedollars for each level they go up? Would this add up to an un payable amount?


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Okay,firstly.The cost does not get high while doing the Masuda Method.

People keep Pokemon in the daycare after doing the masuda method because it takes a lot of time for it to be successful and by that time the Pokemon in the daycare level up a lot and the cost is gets high.However if he or she is lucky,they might get the shiny quickly.

My advice would be keeping 2 high level Pokemon in the daycare while doing the Masuda Method so that they don't level up a lot and you can get them out without paying too much.

Source: Experience.I always keep 2 high leveled Pokemon in the day care while breeding so that I don't have to pay much

Hope I helped!

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Ok but the forrein pokemon i will be using is about level 20 so I cant really not put in a forrein high level pokemon. I'll make the other high level then.
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Yes, you are right, it is 100 Pokédollars for putting the Pokémon in the Day Care and 100 Pokédollars per level it gains while in the Day Care. An easy way to avoid doing that is level your Pokémon up to a high level (75-ish or higher) so they won't level up as fast. The money is easy to pay back, just battle the Elite Four (or a strong trainer with the Vs. Seeker) to rake in the cash and pay the Day Care back

Hope I helped!!