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I am thinking of leaving two Pelippers at daycare,
But don't know if they like each other,
Is there someone I can Talk to to find out if they like each other,
If not,
How do I find out?
And if they do get alone,
How long should I leave them
In the daycare
For them to have an egg?
Thanks to whoever answers! :D

It depends on what the daycare man says If he says "The two prefer to play with other pokemon more then eachother" You have a 0% of getting one.
And I forgot the 100% one, I have a book that shows phases for black 2 but its missing.

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there is a pretty rare chace of them hating each other, what you do is leave a male and a female pelipper at the daycare and they should breed, the old man outside the daycare will say weather they will get along or not, if they get along they will breed.

then you go for a walk and then after a while go to/past the daycare and he will call you or you can go and talk to him and he will give you the egg only if you have room in your party, or if you dont want the egg just say no and he will keep it.

to get the egg to hatch you wild need to walk alot and it will hatch.

                                 I hope my answer has helped you ultra barx
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Here. Hopefully this will explain things a bit:

  • How will I know when they've had an Egg?
    The Day Care man (who is outside the Day Care building) will call you over when you go near the Day Care building. Simply go up to him a talk to him and select 'Yes' when asked if you want the Egg he found.

If he does not call you over, your Pokemon have not had an Egg yet.

  • If there somebody I can talk to to find out if my Pokemon like each other?
    Yes; if he does not hold an Egg at the time, the Day Care man will tell you how much they like each other. So long as he doesn't say, "They prefer to play with other Pokemon rather than each other", they can have an Egg. If he says the line I stated, those Pokemon you put in the Day Care will not have an Egg together, although you should have no problem with those Pelipper so long as one is male and the other is female.

  • How long should I leave them?
    Until the Day Care man calls you over. With every 252 steps you take, there is a chance that an Egg will be produced. That chance depends on the Pokemon in the Day Care and what nation they are from.

I suggest, if you are playing in Gen V, that you ride your Bicycle up and down Route 3. This will make those 252 steps come quickly each time, and will also allow you to ride past the Day Care in case your Pokemon have produced an Egg.

For more info, read Bulbapedia's article on breeding.

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"With every 252 steps you take, there is a chance that an Egg will be produced."

^Does anybody else find it odd that 252 is also the number of EVs you can get? I mean, I know you can actually get 255, but it is still odd.
If your party is full he will not call you