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It says they don't seem to like eachother much...

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Yes, Ditto can breed with genderless Pokemon. In fact he can breed with any Pokemon outside of the undiscovered egg group. Source

Note: The sign that they will not breed is if the daycare man says "They prefer to play with other Pokemon".

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im kinda new to breeding, so what do you mean "egg group"?
If you follow the link I have in my answer it will show you.
Speed freak i hate to argue but you state ment on not breeding with undiscoved egg group i wrong togepi is in the undiscoverd egg group.
togepi cant breed but togetic and togekiss can. togepi is one of only about 10-15 pokemon that are classified as baby pokemon. This list also includes mantyke, bonsly, pichu, and hapinny(just to name a few).
Of course you can breed Staryu and Ditto
only the 2nd and 3rd evolutions can breed.
tepig can breed