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This is on pokemon platinum. And if i do have to level up Ditto to what level do i have to level it up at least?

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Yes as long as the Daycare man doesnt say "They prefer to play with others then with each other" than you are fine. Level has nothing to do with it.

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What do i do if the Daycare man says "The two don't seem to like each other much." Do i have to breed Infernape with something else besides ditto or do i need to get a higher level ditto?
nope they still breed together
so they'll still produce an egg that is chimchar even though the daycare man says they dont like eachother very much?
Its just a lower chance.
You're quick to comment too, Mew. xD
Well, mew thank your for your help and you to spumwack. so one more question. by its just a lower chance does that mean it will take longer to get the egg or what?
Every 256 steps is an Egg cycle. Every Egg cycle you do, according to the Pokemon in the Daycare, there will be a chance that a Egg is produced. So it will probably take longer due to the low chance in each Egg cycle, but it's certainly possible.
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Yeah, they always will. If your Infernape knows thunderpunch or other moves it might be passed down. Source: I tested it like a year ago/

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