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I was breeding. The parents were a ditto and a chimchar. The ditto's IVs were atk and sp. atk. The chimchar's IVs were HP, def, sp.def, and speed. But the offspring had IVs in everything except HP. Ditto was holding a Destiny Knot and Chomchar was holding an everstone. How did the offspring CHIMCHAR get all of these IVs?


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"From Pokémon X and Y onward, if at least one parent holds a Destiny Knot, the baby will inherit five IVs instead of three. This can be combined with an EV-enhancing item to select the IV that is transferred."

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_breeding#Generation_VI

It was completely random which IV's were passed down, although it seems as though your Ditto's Attack and Special Attack were passed down and your Chimchar's Defense, Special Defense and Speed were passed down. That is of course if they had 31 IV's in these respective stats and the baby Pokémon also has 31 IV's in these stats. Since your Chimchar's HP IV wasn't passed down, it was generated a completely random IV.

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It's completely random what IV's you get, unless you are holding a Destiny Knot. I could explain to you all the mechanics of breeding, but this has all you need to know.