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ok, so in episode 8 of Sinnoh League Victors there is a flashback with Flint that he still had his chimchar, but in episode 23 another flashback shows that when flint was a kid he had a Monferno.How is that possible? The adult Flind in the flashback had his chimchar which it hadn't been evolved yet and the other flashback with the Kid Flint having a monferno ???
Is there an explenation about this ?

maybe a year later it evolved?

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it could be another monferno or it could be just an error in the anime, but its probably just an error in the anime http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Flint's_Monferno thats suposed to be monferno's story so it has to be an error

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well its another monferno what else could it be?
there now its an alright answer
lol yea
agree with salamenceFTW errors or a different pokemon... hmm.......................................  i wonder why they didn't realize that...
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SalamenceFTW was right, It probably was in fact another Pokemon. Drake from the Hoenn region Elite Four had a Shelgon and a Salamence in his team at the same time in R/S/E. Although that has nothing to do with that. ANY Pokemon can be practically found in the wild in the anime. (Yes, even starters.) So maybe he has two of the Pokemon.

I really do hope this helps and I hope I'm right...First attempt at a real anime question.