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what genderless pokemon can breed?

in pokemon black
what genderless pokemon can breed? not what pokemon can breed
any pokemon many any genderless pokemon not in the link i gave you
Baby Pokemon cant breed either ;D
but they are in that link so i count them
We have an entire breeding section on this site: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding

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>The Gender unknown Egg group is characterized by its members' lack of a gender. All members of this Egg group are genderless yet are able to breed, but only with Ditto.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Gender Unknown

All genderless Pokemon breed with Ditto ONLY. Except of course, Legendaries.

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wow i didnt know that phione can breed :O
Baby POkemon CANT BREED >:|
when i said any pokemon besides the ones in the link dont you think that includes phione did you even look at the link?
I add as i find. It has nothing to do with outdoing.
You knew the info as you stated in the origional sentance then when you noticed you were the third answerer and kyron had more info in a link you thought you would out do him and add irelevent info as yoiu have been doing alot recently. Im not gona start an argument but no offence you dont deserve ba here
in Bulbapedia/ Gender Unknown it says what genderless pokemon can breed,extelarium it dosnt say that baby pokemon (pichu for example) can breed
All baby pokemon are in the undiscovered egg group meaning the cant breed
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Any pokemon can breed except the ones here. All you need is a ditto.

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All of them, except Legendaries.

You need Ditto.