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(ORAS)I'm new the the whole breeding thing. I've been playing Pokemon for years, but usually stop after beating the elite four and catching all the Pokemon I want. Anyway, I dropped off a female gardevoir and a male duskull at the daycare. When I returned the boy in front of the daycare gave me two eggs. They still haven't hatched but I am sure they are both ralts. Should I expect this to happen often?

Were you like, given both the eggs at the same time by the same person? If so, then that is not normal. Never is a player given more than one eggs in a single offer. But if you mean your second egg came almost immediately after the first egg, then that is pretty normal and happens every now and then.
I have bred literally thousands of eggs and this has never happened to me. Like danielson317 said, video proof is needed before I will believe this.
I'm sorry guys I don't have any video proof but when i went to the boy in front of the daycare he said his "your pokemon was holding an egg! Do you want it?" bit and i said yes. I then look at my party and two eggs are in there. They've hatched now and are both ralts and know confuse ray, both timid nature, one male one female. If there are any more questions don't hesitate to ask them.
So only talking to the day care guy once then having two eggs is even more clear evidence that your simply mistaken. All the other claims I have seen say they had to actually talk to the daycare guy twice in a row. Inconsistency in the story + no reputable evidence = False/Mistaken claim. Sorry bro. By the way this makes your answer: No this will probably never happen again. BTW If you are using an emulator or have "ever" used an Action Replay this changes everything. Emulators and AR's break the game and introduce glitches. Then anything can happen.
Probably a glitch if you use AR or an emulator
you usually have to talk to the guy twice
otherwise you're just lucky:/

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If both eggs were given to you literally at the same time, then that is not normal. The coding for the daycare in ORAS(or any Daycare for that matter) makes it impossible to receive two eggs at one time. The only way that would be possible is if you hacked the game to get eggs faster in greater numbers.

But if you received the second egg almost at the same time(and I mean like picking up the first egg only to get a second egg ready for pick-up when you only walked a few steps), then that is normal. I sometimes get a second egg from him when I only walked to the Pokemon Center after picking up the first one.

I usually only get one egg from the daycare, but I put 2 of the same type of pokemon in the daycare instead of 2 different types.