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i mean like in platinum the first battle you always obtain XP to a point of 1 level and half or in black/white the first battle against bianca always give XP to a point of 1 XP left for level up
is it a coincidence ir is it that game freak made it like that?


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The point of EXP you gain in particular battles in DPP doesn't change unless using a Lucky Egg or traded Pokemon.

In Generation 5 only, you gain more EXP for battling Pokemon of the same or higher level.

However, in both these instances, the EXP gain is exactly the same every time.

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The first battle would be to indeed get stronger than your opponent by gaining a level, so it would always give 1 level each battle. Game Freak made it like that.

This is purely my opinion as I couldn't find any solid sources anywhere else.


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