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it just takes HP away. :o

but if they know fling it is a different story.

Just so it's clear and the following answers don't confuse you, the Life Orb does not just take away HP; it increases the power of attacking moves by 30%, which is easily worth the HP. Besides, most Life Orb users are frail and they'd die to super effective attacks anyway.

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It is very much worth it, that's why.

The Life Orb is mainly used on Pokemon like Conkeldurr or Talonflame who can use the 1.3x Damage Boost with moves like Superpower and Brave Bird, respectively, but also have reliable recovery in moves like Drain Punch and Roost.

Also, if a Pokemon has Sheer Force, a move that triggers Sheer Force also negates Life Orb damage, so the Pokemon gets off scot-free. Pretty cool, eh?

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sheer force neglates the life orbs side effect?cool thanks for the tip
Only if you use a move that triggers Sheer Force.

For example, Rock Slide. It has a chance of flinching.
It won't work for moves like Hydro Pump, that have no secondary effects.
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Most people put life orb on their Pokemon to increase damage by 30%.

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They do it because sometimes it's very well worth the HP.
Sometimes, they have a move such as Recover, Roost, etc, so they can afford it.
Sometimes, they have Sheer Force, which takes away the HP loss.