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I am missing three O-Powers: Encounter, Stealth, and Hatching (No, this question is not about Hatching O-Power).

My regular sources (Serebii, Bulbapedia, etc.) confirm that for Encounter and Stealth powers, Mr. Bonding can be found at the Laverre Pokémon Center and the Couriway Hotel.
However, he isn't at either location. Yes, I am absolutely sure. Yes, I have checked each place thoroughly. Yes, I am in the right place.

My friend is also having this problem (Only for Stealth, though) and I have found many similar questions across multiple forums - all of them unanswered.

Is there any requirement for these powers? Has anybody else had these problems?



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I think the only requirement for this is that you have to get all of the O-Powers in order, from him. So in this order:

  • Lumiose City-Route 5 gatehouse: Attack Power and Defense Power
  • Camphrier Town hotel: Sp. Atk. Power
  • Ambrette Town hotel: Sp. Def. Power
  • Cyllage City hotel: Prize Money Power
  • Geosenge Town hotel: Speed Power
  • Shalour City Pokémon Center: Critical Power
  • Coumarine City Pokémon Center: Befriending Power
  • Lumiose City (Hotel Richissime): Bargain Power
  • Laverre City Pokémon Center: Encounter Power
  • Dendemille Town Pokémon Center: Accuracy Power
  • Anistar City Pokémon Center: Exp. Point Power
  • Couriway Town hotel: Stealth Power
  • Snowbelle City Pokémon Center: PP Restoring Power
  • Lumiose City (Café Introversion): Hatching Power

From what I know you have to get them in order from him, so if someone gifts you the O-Power it probably doesn't count.
Other than that I wouldn't know what it is, sorry.

why is it voted down? +1
This is false. Why is it voted up? Whoever did it should have voted it down.
can someone post a source discrediting this if it is in fact false?
I figured it out.
Turns out I already had the O-Power, but the reason it wasn't showing up in the O-Power menu is because these two are un-shareable. I was looking at the O-Power menu that you get when you look at someone else's profile instead of your own.
And no, I think you don't have to get them in order. Thanks anyway, though!