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What I mean here is does it have 31 IVs, EVs in 252 Speed/Attack, etc.?

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I think that is what the Talk page i put a link to in my answer below was discussing.
But Bulbapedia has wrong some times
I think it was in Neoseeker or Yahoo who tested Rattata first tho
I know they can be wrong: it's why I said "if what they say is true". It was just the best source I found in a quick google search.
I'm not really sure but i will wait

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I found this on Bulbapedia's Talk page:
> I caught Joey's Rattata with the "catch trainer's Pokémon" Gameshark cheat, and it really does have all-zero IVs. It also has a Gentle nature (+Sp.Def, -Def).

If what they say is true, then the rattata is not "in the top percentage". However, I will add that the nature of trainer's Pokemon are probably random, so that part probably shouldn't be counted.


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All zero? Hahahahaha, that's golden!