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During my early days of Pokemon Sun, I found a level 7 Shiny Rattata. I know it is a shiny, but I don't really know if I should use Raticate for any uses other than completing my Regional-Dex. Should I keep it, evolve it, and make it a part of my team, just keep it, or trade it for a rare Pokemon? I am only planning to use it ingame.

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If you want to use it offensively, it's completely outclassed by Greninja and Hoopa. If you want to use it defensively, it's completely outclassed by Muk and Tyranitar. Only use it if all the better Pokemon are banned.

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"Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Those are just the selfish perceptions of humans. You should try to win with your favourites." - Karen, Johto Elite Four

Shiny Pokémon can be very special. Despite the recent surge in shinies thanks to increased odds in-game and more accessibility with the GTS and wonder trading (which has gifted me most of my collection), a shiny Pokémon that we find randomly or intentionally breed for can end up becoming a more valued member of the team. If it's just for in-game play, I don't think you need to worry too much about a competitive team, you could probably beat the game with 6 Unown.

If you're putting a competitive team together, Raticate won't last long against Pokémon with much better base stats and pools bred for IVs, and it's too high a level for a FEAR tactic (I think). Economically, based on my own experience using the GTS, shinies are worth more than most legendaries. You may as well keep it, it will struggle in competitive play but can hold its own against the Alolan Elite Four with a good set.

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If your are going to use it competitively, give it a focus sash and hax with endeavour and quick attack/sucker punch. Otherwise it's pretty useless.

That set is also pretty useless. It can be checked by switching out, entry hazards, and leftovers, all of which are very easy to use.
Yes, I know, but there is some idiots out there that only care about attacking and not setting up stuff like stealth rock and also doesn't have any priority moves on them