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I need opinions. Do you think it would be good to have 2 slakings ingame? I know they have terrible ability, but after you defeat a Pokemon you can switch out and send second slaking. Their stats are just wicked sick. What do you think?
Slaking @ Focus band
Nature: Adamant Ability: Truant
Gen III (wich I play)
Hyper beam (STAB, loafs anyways, physical gen3)
Slack off (why not?)
Aerial ace (Fighting coverage)
Focus punch/Dynamicpunch/Brick break/Reversal (using high attack stat)


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Having 2 of the same Pokemon isn't really recommended to start with because you have more of the same weaknesses.
You're not guaranteed to OHKO a Pokemon with just one attack from Slaking and if you don't OHKO you don't really bypass Truant in a way because it would just waste a turn(like Truant would), though if you're absolutely sure you can OHKO then you technically do bypass it and if you have its weaknesses covered then sure, go for it, as long as you have fun.

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