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I do not have internet. I kow that cerebii has a good site for this question, but I cannot access it. Can someone get me screenshots of the site, or copy and past it, or something for me? Thanks!

How did you acess this site then? Its impossible to do so without internet.
Blazo's got a point ..
I forgot to mention that i only have internet in school but they block the sites where i would normally looking this stuff up...

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Pretty sure these are in order:

  • The Troubles Keep On Coming: Wing Items
  • The Leaf Stone Cup Begins!: Leaf Stone
  • The Fire Stone Cup Begins!: Fire Stone
  • The Water Stone Cup Begins!: Water Stone
  • Follow Those Fleeing Goals!: Thunder Stone
  • Watch Out! That's One Tricky Second Half: Dusk Stone
  • An Opening of Lightning-Quick Attacks!: Shiny Stone
  • These Long Shots Are No Long Shot: Dawn Stone
  • Scatterbug Lugs Back: Wings
  • A Barrage of Bitbots: Wings
  • Drag Down Hydreigon: Moon Stone, Sun Stone

These are the main prizes, you get smaller prizes too but are not really important, just wing items, hard stones, startdusts etc.

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Here are all the prizes in Super Secret Training:

Super Secret Training Prizes

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Super_Training#Secret_Super_Training

Hope I helped :)