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I simply DON'T HAVE THE PATIENCE to find a stupid Miltank for some EV points to the attack stat of 1 of my Pokemon. Simply enough, is Super Training a substitute?


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Yes, it does the same thing.

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As the two others have said, it is a substitute in certain areas. If you're training an individual Pokemon in a stat(Attack, in your case) having that Pokemon do 5 Lv. 3 Attack Super trainings would give it 60 EV points. If you horde trained, you could get the same amount of EV points with 12 horde battles.

Pros of Super Training
-Used to quickly train a single Pokemon
-Can be sped up even more with Double-Up bags or training bags
-more fun(for me) to train with

Pros of Horde Training
-Can be used to train as many Pokemon as you can fit in your party at one time
That's pretty much it

Since you said you only wanted to boost the attack of 1 Pokemon, Super Training would actually be faster that Horde training and definitely faster than trying to find a bunch of miltank

EDIT: If you do choose to Horde train, if your EXP share is on, then all Pokemon in your party recieves the same EVs so be careful

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I wouldn't say it is a substitute, but in the end they do achieve the same thing, so Super Training is basically another path to EV training. However, most people prefer to use Hordes to EV train since it takes less time

Milktank gives off 2 EVs in Defense however, not in Attack.

I recommend the following steps to EV train your Pokémon in Attack:
XY: Head to Snowbelle City and go right to Route 19. Use Sweet Scent in the Purple Flowers until you find a Horde of Weepinbell or Arbok. Defeating one of them will give you 2 EVs in Attack

ORAS: Head to Sky Pillar and use Sweet Scent until you find a horde of Ariados. Defeating one of them will give you 2 EVs in Attack

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Sky pillar is better has ariados which give 2 attack evs
Thanks V!
I chose Distortion Keeper because he kept the answer short, sweet, and didn't answer anything I didn't ask.