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So in super training, the blue area is the pokémon's stats, and the yellow area ins their base stats, right? So when my Delphox turned lv. 100, I was expecting all the yellow to turn blue. But the blue stayed basically the same size (small). Is that not how it works or did I do something wrong?


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The blue is the Pokémon's original stats (75 base HP, 114 base SpA, etc.) while the yellow is the Pokémon's EVs. Yes, the game refers to them as base stats, but they are actually EVs that can be modified. You gain certain EVs by fighting certain Pokémon, and you can get ride of EVs with special berries or a Reset Bag.

TL;DR The blue is your Pokémon's base stats, which do not change, and the yellow is your Pokémon's EVs, which add points to the base stats and can be modified.

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So why do lv. 100 pokémon still have the yellow EVs?
It's because you can still remove EVs by using certain Berries or with a Reset Bag, and can add on more by Super Training, using Vitamins, or battling wild Pokémon. They're customizable.
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The Yellow Area is Ev training, where as the Blue is their base stats.

Source: Experience.