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So, lately I have been getting into competitive on my Pokemon X, and I was wondering, Which is faster? EV training with hordes or EV training by using Super training? None of my Pokemon have pokerus, so I can't speed up horde training that much. Help?


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Alright I'm not trying to suppress your answer or anything, but I will go into detail.

With Pokerus, horde training definitely

With Pokerus, this thing is pretty darn fast. Paired up with power Items, it will literally only take what, 10 minutes max?

Without Pokerus, Super Training

Alright. In Horde Training, without Pokerus, they give off a maximum of 14 EVs for all final evo hordes such as Drapion and many more. Super Training gives you 12, not much of a difference.

Training an entire party

Definitely horde training. Super training takes 20 minutes per Pokemon at least. Horde training may take 30-40 minutes to complete the entire team, but better than close to an hour.

So the final verdict:
No Pokerus: Super Training
Yes Pokerus: Horde Training with power items
For an entire team of Pokemon: Horde training as Super training might take a while.

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Horde training is definitely faster! For example,with Pokerus and, say, Power Anklet with Wingull hordes on Route 8, you would be getting 50 speed EVs per battle!Horde EV training + Pokerus + Power Items is definitely faster though it also requires more research and preparation.But if you are casual about playing the game,you should use Super Training as it would not require any preparation as it would require if you chose horde training.However,Super Training is slower!


Hope I helped!

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Ooh. Normally, Horde training completely outclasses Super Training, but not having Pokerus hurts a lot. See if you can get something with Pokerus, because it's SUPER helpful.
If you have the Power items (Power Anklet, Bracer, Weight, Lens, Belt, and Band) then I think Horde training is still better than Super Training. I believe Smogon has a very detailed guide on Horde training as well.

Hope I helped!